QR Code Giveaways! RND Solutions Contest.

Every Bottles Label Will Have A Custom QR Code.

1 out of every 10 Bottles Will Reveal A Prize When Scanned By Your Phones QR Code Reader. If your not familiar with QR Codes and readers for your phone, you can find our favorite free QR reader apps at the bottom of this article.

What To Look For:

All RND Solutions and MuscleChemistry Labels Will Have The Custom QR You See Below:



All Muscle Thredz Store Orders Will Have QR Codes On The Packing Slip Receipt Inside Your Shipment.


Once you have located the small QR Code On The Back of The Bottles label, You Simply Open Your QR Reader App On Your Phone And Hover Over QR Code For Instant Message.


1 IN 10 WIN!
QR Codes Contest


Your QR Reader App Will Then Redirect You To Your Message, be That A Congratulations or Try Again.


What Prizes Are Available?:

Free Products, Free T-shirts, Sleeveless Hoodies, Tank tops, IGF, and CASH Prizes!

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